zondag 30 juli 2017

Kent, the garden of England

What is it with England? Why does it make me so happy?

the views - beautiful houses - nice English people - pubs - scones - tea in teapots - sticky toffee pudding - lovely shops - Waterstones bookstores - cute villages - but mostly the views
If you see this, you probably get it. A shop in gorgeous Chilham.
This store in Margate is the most beautiful dog accessories store ever. I didn't know I wanted to buy my dog a jacket, but when I was in that store......of course I didn't, but I did get him a cute tartan collar.
I am in love with a Morris Minor, a Traveler is fine also, white please, thank you.
But.........I believe I going to cheat a little with this cute one. Isn't she lovely? It's a Figaro. I looked it up and it isn't an old car, but a limited edition vintage car from Nissan from 1989. The slogan was "back to the future". It even has airco! IwantIwantIwant. ( I do think I will have to get in and out on my knees though)
Most of the beaches here are pebble beaches, but Broadstairs has a sand beach.
The food is wonderfull here everywhere at the coast, especially the oysters are divine!
We are at the north-east side of Kent and we visited these places:

Big city with a impressive cathedrale and a nice town centre.

Cute little village with nice streets and a tiny harbour.

A couple of streets with very cute stores, like that dogstore.

Herne Bay

Gorgeous houses and a small square with a tearoom where I had the most delicious scone. You can also take a nice walk from Chilham.

Nice coastal village and I recommand this restaurant: Wyattt and Jones. Great food!

We liked it the most. Beach huts like on the first picture, old fishermans huts, very cute, at the boulevard lots of little places to eat or buy art. Great restaurants everywhere and I am totally in love with the shopping street. No tourist crap, but all cute little independent stores.

Sissinghurst Castle
Love love love it. If you are into gardens, you want to go there.Yes you do!
This was the third time I was in Sissinghurst Castle and I wish I could work there. So beautiful, such an atmosphere, such a history. To bad there are so many people walking around. Go away people!
A lot was in bloom in the white garden. I climbed up the tower and from there you could see it very well.
These are my treasures. The blue rocking stool from Margate, the dog collar as well, the lantern and the plant from Sissinghurst. In the back you can see the cottage we are at. We have been in many vacation homes through the years, but this is THE best. Cute and very clean, just wonderful.
It is an columbine, a double one. Isn't she a beauty?
Look at us beïng happy......( stiff jaw from smiling though, because it took a while before the lovely lady figured out how to take the picture...)
Time to take of in my car......
 And I'll sit here for a while, thinking about our next trip.........


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