zondag 20 augustus 2017

The botanical style

 Do you also love the botanical style, which you can find everywhere these days?
Magazines are filled with it, books are being made about it and more and more you'll find trendy botanical stores. ( here in Holland anyway)

It reminds me of my teenage years, when I had loads of plants at my Amsterdam attic bedroom.

This bench was calling my name last week, at the store. It is perfect for those two plants.
The one on the right is a sparmannia africana and we might well say; a difficult plant. I used to have one already, but suddenly there was white fly all over it. A little fly 2mm big. I had the plant outside at night because I was going to sprinkle it the next morning and it even was a warm night. But this sensitive sucker couldn't take it and got all these flies.
I threw it out and bought a new one which is doing fine.
I read that they vaporize a lot of water through their big leaves. So instead of those boring plastic water containers you can hang on your radiator, I took a couple of my most beautiful vases and filled them with water for them.
And I sprinkle them every week. If I remember.............
The one in the smaller pot is my latest buy. Tolmiea menziesii it is called. We call it child in mothers' lap, because the new leaves grow from the middle of the old leaf, very cute.
pinterest image
I'll find myself liking plants with big leaves. Which isn't easy when you have a livingroom of only 3.50m wide. On my pinterest boards I'll collect lots of images of big plants. Like this one, who gives an instant jungle feeling.
pinterest image
This is a little one I like though. No idea what kind it is, but look at the fragile branches and leaves.
pinterest image
Terracotta pots go beyond all trends. The inspiration here for me, are the plants that are led along the ceiling. What a great idea! Just need to find the right plant.
pinterest image
A table full of plants; lovely! Do you see what they did with this table? They turned the top upside down, so the plants have an edge around them. There are lots of plants on it and all in different hights. This is an easy way to create a beautiful corner.
pinterest image
There are many plant containers. For every style you will find something. In this case the basket is just as decorative as the plant is.
This plant is in my bathroom. Just took a board from the shed and put it over the tub.
Plant in sink bucket, cute wateringcan next to it and done.

As I am writing this, I wonder what it the added value of plants in the house is.
Of course we know they are healthy, something with oxygen or carbon acid. Or H2O or CO2? Just pick one of the above. Physics was not my favorite subject. At highschool, if you just kept quiet you always would get a B. A way to control your students, right? Now I come to think of it; at college where I studied to be a teacher, the physics teacher always read a book during tests! So I was able to copy everything from students who did understand it. (and that wasn't you, Liesbeth)

I am drifting off....back to plants.

What else do they give.....they give you an outside feeling inside the house. They breath tranquillity. They make your home more beautiful and everybody wants a beautiful home.

Do you enjoy house plants?

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