zondag 24 september 2017

Enchanted Beeckestijn

The weather report yesterday said that it would be foggy today, so I set my alarm extra early. Nothing better than a walk through beautiful foggy estate Beeckestijn. As soon as I am at the end of the street and step into the forest, I am in a different world.
The only sound I hear are my shoes making noise and the heavy breathing from Robbie. And of course the whisling of early birds who don't care about fog.
I am forced to walk slowly, because of Robbie who can't walk so fast anymore and who needs his time sniffing around.
Such beauty around me. I want to take it all in and hold on to it for the rest of the day. Later on the sun will be shining and this magical world will be gone.
It is cool outside and I pull my vest close around me.
All my worries swirl away. No place for that here in nature. I look and only about what I see, I am allowing my thoughts to be about. Beauty, pure nature, divine sent, trees, life that will continue long after I am gone.....
The good thing about this early, is that there is nobody here. I am walking in silence that seems more silent, because of the cottonball blanket that lays over the fields.
The fog wets my hair a little and the wet grass makes my shoes sooking wet. My feet are getting cold, but I don't care. Soon it will be time to find my boots, because fall is here.
In the end, when we walk around the meadow, I can only vagely see the cows. I tell Robbie, but he doesn't care. He always sees everything in a fog with his almost blind eyes.
We are startled by a dog that suddenly appears in front of us and we startle the dog too. I guess we are not the only ones walking here.
Our walk has finished. We are going home, where Robbie gets his food and curls up in his dogbed. I get comfortable on the couch with coffee and a book and try to hold on as long as possible to the peacefull feeling from the walk.
I have an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that on the corner of my street is such a beautiful estate. Fog, rain or sun, it always feels good to be walking there.

                                                               Nature heals, I know for sure.

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