So good to have you here!

I was born and raised in Amsterdam (Holland) and I am living for a long time already in a little village near the city of Haarlem. This lovely city so close by is fun, but I feel more like a country girl.

I enjoy styling my house and much rather go shopping for home things than for clothes.

Looove England and also America, where my husband is from.

My blog is a lifestyle blog, in other words:
I'll chat about all kind of things, that might interest you too.

I hope this will be a place for you to relax a moment.


ps. At the post on july 30th, "Kent, the garden of England",
      I split up my bilingual blog into two seperate blogs with each their own language.
      So if you would like to read more from me, go to the Dutch blog to posts before this date.

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